Leading a Mind and Body Yoga Practice


Stacy, the owner of Younity Yoga, came to me with a clear challenge: she needed a new website that would generate traffic and help her business thrive. She had previously attempted to use Weebly’s site builder to create a website, but had not been successful.

In order to meet Stacy’s needs, I knew I would need to provide a wide range of services, including a new logo, hosting services, security, email integration, and a fully functional website with a clear call to action. It was clear that this project would require a high level of expertise and a commitment to delivering top-quality results.

I was up for the challenge and was excited to work with Stacy to bring her vision for Younity Yoga to life. With my skills and experience in web development, design, and project management, I was confident that I could deliver a website that would meet all of Stacy’s needs and exceed her expectations.


To meet Stacy’s needs, I planned the project across several weeks with regular interval video conferencing to keep things running smoothly. We discussed the project status and key deliverables on the project backlog each week, and I gathered the necessary resources to create the website content. Using the latest WordPress tools at my disposal, I built the website to Stacy’s specifications.

Once the website was approved, I made any necessary updates and fixes to prepare for the wrap-up and launch. Throughout the process, I stayed focused on delivering top-quality results and helping Stacy succeed. I was committed to seeing the project through to the end and was excited to see the final product come to life.


onboarding and familiarizing Stacy with her new website. I demonstrated how to use the platform and provided some best practices for creating new content, making sure that she had all the tools and knowledge she needed to succeed.

I also provided documentation and resources to help her get started, and made myself available for any questions or concerns she might have as she began using the website on her own. Onboarding is an important part of the process, and I was committed to ensuring that Stacy had a smooth and successful transition to her new website.

Overall, the outcome of the project was a resounding success. Stacy was thrilled with her new website and the many benefits it would bring to her business. She now had a professional, user-friendly platform that would help her generate traffic and grow her customer base.

I was proud to have played a role in bringing this project to fruition and was happy to see Stacy succeed. It was a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to the opportunity to do so again in the future.