Hank Janssens

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& Audio Engineer

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We live in a digital age.  Smart devices are a crucial tool in our daily lives.  We use them from the moment we wake until we go to bed.  They simplify so many tasks, and most of us can’t live without them. With this power, comes great responsibility.  That’s why we’re extremely excited to offer a free 30-minute virtual Web Consultation. With over 15 years of experience, specializing in Web, IT & Audio.  We offer professional service to your satisfaction. We guarantee it!

Our Digital Development

When it comes to digitizing your business, we got you covered. In short, we take your business and bring it online.  We do so by creating your brand and defining how users will see you.  We then develop and design your website, social media presence, and email marketing campaigns. After which we optimize and market your online presence to your specific target audience.

The next time a potential client searches for something you provide, wouldn’t you rather they find you?

Let’s make it happen!


Including but not limited to.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Define strategic approach towards achieving your business goals. This includes search engine optimization, search marketing, pay-per click advertising, web design, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and more!

Web Development & Design

We will build your online presence! Services include development in required programming languages and frameworks needed to create your website, content management system, or app in a very organized and timely manner.  We adhere to accessibility guidelines, industry standards, and responsive design techniques.


We provide full support for your online presence.  This includes web domain hosting, domain purchasing, domain security, server and database management and full support.

Web Audit

Review active website pages, posts, and elements, traffic metrics. Manage and update action plans. Available as a one-time service or as a monthly retainer.


We support you every step of the way.  Each project is precisely planned and organized.  We understand that hiccups happen along the way and we prepare for them!  Rest assured that your business is fully supported in the event that you need us.  We’re only a simple call or email away!

Web Security

Protect your and your client’s intellectual properties with up-to-date industry standards.

Audio Branding

Extend your brand past the sense of sight.  Create a personalized sound or “theme” & let them hear you coming.


We’ve included some live examples.

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